Holidays4Dogs Carers Provide That Personal Touch.


The most valuable enrichment for our pet dogs is one-to-one quality time with a dedicated owner. This is why clients choose Holidays4Dogs over and above any other boarding options for their canine family members. Read on to find out how our dog carers provide that personal touch for your much-loved pet dogs.

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Our carers can provide company to your dog pretty much all day long. The majority of our lovely carers are retired people, or people who work just a few hours from home. All offer lovely long country walks and they fully understand the various needs that that pet dogs require, to live safe and happy lives.

Others involve their guest dogs in additional fun activities. Also, as long as clients are happy, our carers will transport dogs to interesting places further afield. It really IS a holiday for your dog!

Meet your carer.

Our approved carers will get to know your dog well before he, or she, is booked in for a stay. We insist that everyone meets, before a stay takes carers with a personal touch

This is so you can see exactly the sort of home your dog will be staying in and meet the carer. Plus, your dog becomes familiar with the environment and you have the opportunity to discuss your dog’s specific needs.

Physical activity is very important for dogs.  Our carers will make sure they know exactly what levels of exercise your dog is used to.

Plenty of activity.

If your dog prefers a stroll, we won’t take him out on a ten mile hike! However, if your dog has super high energy, we can find you a carer to match.

Some dogs enjoy swimming, and we do have lots of carers who have access to pools, rivers and lakes. We will always discuss this with clients, however. We will never let guest dogs swim in water that is unsafe, or unsuitable.

Training is another carers with a personal touch Many of our guest dogs are very well trained. Likewise, we have many carers experienced in dog training and behaviour. If you would like us to continue with training, do let your carer know.

Home comforts and routine.

If you advise your carer of particular commands, or games your dog knows, your carer can keep this up while you are away. This is especially important with younger dogs, puppies, or working breeds. It is useful for all guest dogs as it maintains a routine and provides familiarity.

Our carers may have different routines and lifestyles. However, we are very aware not to encourage your dog to do things on holiday that he is not allowed to do at home! If for, instance, he is not allowed on the furniture at home, we will not undermine this, if clients request it. However, so many of our carers are happy to share the sofa with their four-legged guests!

Many owners worry about leaving their dogs with someone else when they go on holiday. We completely understand this at Holidays4Dogs.

However, we are not just any home-from-home boarding company. We have as diverse a range of carers as we do dogs staying with us. Our carers are experienced, dedicated and professional but – above all – they really do love the company of dogs.

Give us a call to find dog carers with a personal touch – we’re happy to chat about dogs and we are confident we can provide a 5 star holiday home for your beloved pet.