Reasons to Choose a Rescue Dog.


Many of our Holidays4Dogs staff and carers have rescue dogs and, without doubt, they can be the most rewarding, loving dogs. There are still a lot of people who prefer to purchase a puppy and this is an individual’s choice. However, there are some very good reasons to choose a rescue dog, rather than purchasing a puppy.  Holidays4Dogs has come up with five reasons to persuade would-be dog owners that a rescue dog is best!


Preventing over-population.

The fact that rescue shelters across the UK are usually full to bursting, is an indication that there is an over population of pet dogs. According to Pet Business World, dog ownership grew by 11% in 2018 and represents another 300,000 households in Britain becoming dog owners.

New puppies – particularly popular cross-breeds – are being bred in phenomenal numbers to meet this demand. Unfortunately, these pups are not always bred with health and welfare in mind.

Naturewatch Foundation claims that around 400,000 puppies are sold to UK buyers each year. Sadly many of these puppies end up being abandoned.

By taking on a rescue dog, instead of buying a puppy, you are helping to remove the demand for puppies bred for the pet market. This is particularly so when it comes to back street breeders and puppy farms.

Some of these dogs that end up in rescue centres, do not find loving homes straight away. Many unwanted pets will stay in kennels for weeks, or months.

While there are critics of some of the more prominent UK’s animal shelters and their strict adoption procedures – offering a home to an un-wanted pet is still very worthwhile.

Choose a rescue dog and support a non-profit charity. 

National and local dog’s homes in the UK spend a lot of time and effort when it comes to the care of unwanted dogs. In addition, many charities work tirelessly to help change legislation which benefits the health and welfare of dogs, (and other animals), in the long term. When you adopt a rescue dog, your money goes back into supporting charities to help others animals.

Rescue dog assessment.

Re-homing shelters have come a long way in recent decades. A great deal of time is spent assessing dogs, so they can be homed to the most suitable families. Qualified behaviourists often assess shelter dogs in their care. This means adopters can be more certain about the temperament and character a dog before taking him, or her, home.

Reputable animal sanctuaries will take great care and attention in matching you to a suitable dog. They will take into account what you want from a pet and what sort of household you live in. Of course, many rescue dogs do come with ‘baggage’, but trained staff can help new owners to overcome any problems and offer long term support to adopters.

Wide variety of dogs. reasons to choose a rescue dog

Across the UK there are all sorts of dogs looking for new homes, from puppies to golden oldies.

There are lots of cross-breed dogs but there are also plenty of purebred dogs in need of homes. In addition, there are breed rescue societies UK wide, for almost every breed of dog in the UK.


If all of this wasn’t positive enough, rescue dogs are also cheaper than many puppies bred for the pet market. Some designer cross bred puppies are averagely selling for around 700 – 1,000 pounds each sometimes more.

A rescue dog can be as little as 120 pounds but usually no more than around 300 – 400 pounds, with profits going back into helping other abandoned animals. Also, don’t forget, this cost includes a full health and temperament check, vaccinations, micro-chipping, neutering and on-going help and support. What’s not to like about giving a home to a rescue dog?!

dog sitting, pet sittingFinal thoughts.

At Holidays4Dogs we care for all sorts of different dogs and rescue dogs are no exception. We have many carers who have experience with pre-loved dogs and any foibles they may have.

Rescue dogs, in particular, tend to benefit the most from being cared for in a loving family home while owners are away.

For dog owners, home-from-home boarding is the preferred option, rather than putting their dog back into a kennel environment. If you have a rescue dog and would like to discuss his, or her, holiday care, please do not hesitate to contact us..