The Joys and Challenges of Owning Multiple Dogs!

Many people choose to have more than one dog and, despite the challenges, there are also lots of positive reasons to own several dogs! In this Holidays4Dogs article, we discuss the ups and downs of what it’s like owning multiple dogs, and what to think about if you are adding another dog to your family.

More the merrier. Or, double the trouble?

Having more than two dogs can be a case of ‘the more the merrier’. But, while owning more than a couple of pooches can be a wonderful experience – it’s certainly not for everyone and there can be downsides. to owning multiple canines.

It’s also perhaps not for every dog, because some may be happier being an only pet. If you are thinking about adding another dog, (or dogs!) to your existing pack, here are a few things to consider.


Perhaps one of the most obvious considerations is the cost. Naturally, the more dogs you have, the more expenses will increase. Veterinary care, grooming, food and treats, plus the cost of paying someone to look after your dogs when you can’t be there. 

Pet health insurance is a good idea if you have multiple dogs.  This reduces the risk of having to pay for unforeseen veterinary care. Accidents and illness can come out of the blue and may even affect more than one dog at any one time.


When considering owning multiple dogs, the next most important thing to think about is the time involved. While several dogs will happily play together and amuse each other, they also need individual attention and training.

This is important to avoid the dogs becoming too boisterous. A distinct possibility, if they spend too much time together doing their own thing. You may have to be more vigilant in a multi-dog household than you would with just one, or two, dogs. ‘Refereeing’ might become more frequent, especially with young dogs.

Will all dogs be well-suited companions?

Another crucial factor is how well-suited the dogs are to one another. Dogs of different sizes will need more supervision to prevent accidents. While some dogs may be more energetic, others will prefer a quieter life. Some dogs just may not get on with other dogs in the same household.

This may mean providing tailored care for different dogs in the household. Some individual dogs may prefer long hikes, meeting other dogs and playing. Others may need quieter strolls and a gentler lifestyle. In other words, it is important to consider differing individual needs, when it comes to owning multiple dogs

As a result, you might need to walk your dogs in relays at different times. This might also be necessary if you are physically unable to control multiple dogs at once. All of this will add a lot more time for walking and training your dogs.

How many dogs!?

How many dogs you welcome into your family is very much an individual choice. While many people are happy with one pet dog, others choose to own multiple dogs. Many people who compete in dogs sports often end up owning several dogs.

Likewise, people involved in dog rescue, or who volunteer to foster dogs for re-homing charities, frequently end up more dogs than they bargained for! 

Final thoughts. 

The main thing is just to be sure that you can cope financially, physically and mentally, with owning lots of dogs. Owning multiple dogs can most definitely mean more fun, but it also means more responsibility. Therefore, it’s always best to try and think clearly before adding extra dogs to your family.

Home-from-home holiday care for multi-dog households.

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