New Trends in Dog Grooming.


Some breeds have more extravagant hair-do’s than others. A trip to the groomers for most pet dogs is a bath and brush-up, or a clip and trim ready for summer. However, there are many doggy salons springing up the world over catering for the whims of fashion conscious dog owners. Holidays4Dogs dips into the world of new trends in dog grooming.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in pet ownership, the pet industry has seen massive growth. Grooming is one area which saw a huge surge in demand.

Grooming is an essential aspect of pet care. It isn’t just about keeping a dog’s coat neat, but it also involves maintaining healthy skin, mouth, eyes and ears.

The humanisation of pets is a factor that has contributed to the growth of many trends in dog grooming, as well as the pet industry as a whole.

People regard their pets as family members and many people want to provide them with similar luxuries that we enjoy.

In addition, many more people are also more aware of environmental issues. They are going green and this is affecting the choices they make when it comes to pet care products and services.

The wane of ‘creative grooming’.

This is a step away from dog grooming crazes in recent years involving geometric styles, highlights and colours, nail polish, feathers and jewellery. Creative grooming is just as it sounds. It commonly involves artificial colours and patterns in the coat, which do no represent standard breed cuts.trends in dog grooming

So-called creative grooming techniques are popular in the US and Taiwan, but there are also salons in the UK. Some of these companies create canine styles for media publications and television.

In some cases, the dog is literally transformed into another animal (such as a unicorn). Quite apart from ethical and welfare considerations, this style of grooming promotes the idea of the dog as a toy, or a plaything.

Thankfully, this trend in dog grooming – in the UK at any rate – is much less popular. Pet pampering, however, is very popular.

Natural and organic products.

More and more, dog owners these days, expect their pooches to be pampered and treated with the same loving care that they are at home. People are more against the misrepresentation of pets as ‘things’ and consider them to be equal members of the family.

People are buying more sustainable, green and organic products for themselves and they demand the same for their pets too.

Trends in dog grooming now include other treatments aimed at pampered pooches. Many dog grooming salons offer canine spa services, including nutritional plans, physiotherapy and massage services. The emphasis is on holistic therapies, (including grooming procedures) and natural products.


The expectations surrounding pet ownership and care, certainly seems to have evolved rapidly, post-pandemic.

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, people still demand high quality pet products and services for their pets. Everyone is more conscious of making healthy and sustainable choices. It is good to know that a growing number of dog owners, include their pet’s detailed wellness in those choices.