Why is My Dog Dragging His Bottom on the floor?


This may seem like a comical spectacle when a dog is seen dragging his bottom along the ground. No doubt many of us will have witnessed this behaviour from our own dogs on occasion. But why do dogs do this? Holidays4Dogs asks the embarrassing question of – why is my dog dragging his bottom on the floor?

It’s not great to see when our dogs engage in this unfortunate spectacle, especially in front of guests. However, there is usually a reason why dogs engage in dragging their bottoms along the ground. They definitely don’t scoot their bottoms just to embarrass us! Some reasons for this behaviour can be quite serious, so read on to find out more about what might cause bottom dragging in dogs.


Tapeworms are one of the reasons why a dog might be dragging his bottom along the ground. They are introduced into the dog’s body by ingesting infected fleas. If a dog develops tapeworms, it’s common to see evidence of this around his bottom (anus); they usually look like grains of rice.

Tapeworms cause irritation to the dog’s bottom and accounts for him scratching it, by dragging his bottom along the ground.


Oral medication will eradicate tapeworms and you can buy this without prescription. It is important to also control fleas, including any eggs, laid in carpets and furnishings. You can purchase products which will eradicate fleas around the home.


Anal sac problems.

Dogs can also quite commonly suffer with problems with the anal sac and it is another reason why a dog might be dragging his bottom. These are small sacs located either side of the dog’s anus.

These sacs can become inflamed, or blocked, if not adequately emptied. This can cause pain and discomfort in dogs, so may scoot their bottoms along the ground in order to seek relief.


The dog will likely need to have veterinary attention and this may involve flushing the sacs under local anaesthetic and possibly a course of antibiotics.


A prolapse of the rectum can also be a reason why your dog may be dragging his bottom. This may have come as the result of straining because of constipation, or from a chronic case of diarrhoea.


In severe cases, the dog may need stitches or even surgery. If you see anything unusual protruding from your dog’s bottom, your dog will need to see a vet as a matter of urgency.

In conclusion.

If you frequently see your dog dragging his bottom along the floor, it is certainly sensible to speak to your vet. Treating many of these conditions is relatively easy. The dog’s discomfort is reduced and owners spared any further embarrassment from the dog dragging his bottom along the carpet in front of visitors!


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