Dating for Dog Owners.


It is well documented that people who walk dogs, are more inclined to chat to their fellow humans far more readily than those without a canine companion. Dogs play a myriad of roles in human society and providing people with access to meaningful relationships is probably a much under-valued function. Read our Holidays4Dogs article to find out more about dating by dog.

Amongst like-minded people, dogs can act as ‘social lubricants’, facilitating social interaction and specifically in public places. Dogs attract attention and impact on the awareness of people. This can result in people feeling more comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings.

Dogs are brilliant ice-breakers.

In addition, there are less inhibitions when it comes to communication with others. Dogs can give people confidence in certain situations by providing a welcome point of conversation which dispels any feelings of awkwardness.

Dog owning is a particular lifestyle which people enjoy talking about. It is an easy conversation starter when strangers can comment on each other’s dogs. Puppies, in particular, are special cases because almost everyone wants to stop and say hello!

Dating agencies for dog owners.

For dog owners looking for a potential partner it isn’t obviously apparent that other dog walkers are single. However, there are dating agencies specifically aimed at dog owning clients.

This is especially useful for dog owners who may be concerned that potential partners may be put off by the presence of a much loved pet. With dating agencies, it is much easier to discover people with the same interest in dogs.

Back in May (2022) one of the most well known dating sites ‘Tinder’ organised a pop-up pub weekend, called ‘Bark and Spark’. Dog owning daters were able to meet on first dates with their pet pooches in tow as well.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a genuine connection with others, but in most cases the emphasis is on the dog. Being able to talk about pets is an excellent way to get to get the ball rolling when meeting someone new.

Always remember to be responsible about this as this will put you, and your dog, in the best light. Not everyone cares to be mobbed by an out of control dog – so make sure yours is on his, or her, best behaviour!

As we know, dogs are particularly good at acting as ice breakers. This is especially helpful for people who are not so outgoing in nature. Some dating sites aren’t just for people looking for long term partnerships.

Many simply aim to assist others to broaden their social circles in general. This is not only good for owners, but as dogs are social animals too, they also get the opportunity to make new canine playmates.


There must be a good deal of dog owners who would agree to the philosophy of, “love me, love my dog”! With so many dog lovers the world over, it’s a wonderful thing that dogs are able to bring people together.

Dogs most definitely provide that social facility and, most importantly, an increased opportunity to forge new relationships with like-minded people.