Why Do Dogs Like Playing With Bubbles?


There has to be a point in every dog owner’s lives when they have enjoyed playing with bubbles with their dog. Why do dogs love playing with bubbles and are they safe for dogs? Holidays4Dogs finds out.

Many dogs like the thrill of the chase and running after bubbles are no exception. It can be loads of fun and keeps dogs mentally and physically agile. Playing with bubbles is an enriching game for dogs which they can play all year round.

Make sure bubbles are safe and non-toxic.

Bubbles marketed as children’s toys are not normally safe for dogs because they can contain toxins that could be harmful, (even though they are safe for children). Always purchase bubbles specifically made for pets in mind.  They are usually inexpensive and can be bought from pet shops, or on-line.

If you want to really spoil your dog you can buy ‘Eco Giant Bubbles’ for dogs which are vegan and plastic free.  At 27 pounds they don’t come cheap, but are sure to provide lots of enrichment for your four legged friend, so could be a good idea as a Christmas present!  You can buy them on-line from Dr. Zigs.

Fun for the whole family.

The whole family can enjoy bubble games and it’s a great way to bond with your dog while providing him with some exercise and agility..  It’s a great way for children to play and interact with the family dog as there is no physical contact. This way the dog learns that children make exciting things happen.

However, when you play bubbles with your dog, always try and blow bubbles at the point your dog backs away from you. You can do this by walking forward, towards him until he takes a step back – then blow the bubbles. He will soon catch on. Don’t encourage him to jump up at you, as this will encourage boisterousness, especially when children are playing.


Dogs love playing with bubbles because it is associated with their innate need to chase prey.  Playing with bubbles, dogs can chase and pounce. This gives them an opportunity to utilize their instincts in a safe and controlled environment.  You can even use bubbles as a reward for doing other things such as sit, down, stand and come back!