Home Boarding For Senior Dogs.


Holidays are an exciting time for everyone and even our guest dogs enjoy their holidays while boarding with one of our dedicated carers. However, if your dog is getting on in years, there are perhaps some extra considerations to take into account. If you are looking for advice on home boarding for senior dogs, or you are worried about caring for an elderly dog while you go away, read our Holidays4Dogs article for information and options.

Why are older dogs different when it comes to home boarding?

Two of our lovely carers with golden oldie guest dog, Bingo.

Looking for dog boarding care for your dog can seem like a bit of a minefield – especially if your pet is getting on in years. Older dogs are a bit different because, very often, they are less able to handle stress.

In addition, senior dogs may suffer from arthritis, or other health issues, that involve regular medication. Lastly, the aging dog may have begun to lose sight, or hearing and this can impact on the way in which he, or she, copes with the world around them.

Considerations when home boarding an older dog.

When looking for someone to take care of your dog while you’re away, look for people who have experience in caring for senior dogs. Our Holidays4Dogs carers always go the extra mile, but understand that older dogs, perhaps, may need extra care and attention.

Many of our carers are happy to have guest dogs to stay that may be taking regular medication, for example. We also have carers who can accommodate dogs that cannot be left home alone at all.


One of the most important aspects of caring for an older dog is routine. Senior dogs may rely very much on set meal times, medication and more frequent toilet breaks. Also, older dogs may have a more specific exercise routine involving a few shorter strolls to quieter places, for instance. Home boarding with Holidays4Dogs means your dog’s routine will be kept as close to normal as possible.

Your dog’s carer will follow the prescribed routine for your dog. So, walks, potty breaks, medication and down-time will be exactly the same as at home and in a homely environment. Traditional boarding kennels are not usually able to cater for dogs in this way, as they are often too busy. While this isn’t necessarily a criticism, it can be harder for dogs to adjust – especially older ones.


At Holidays4Dogs, we never board dogs from different families – unless, that is, you have more than one dog. This means your pet gets undivided attention from your host family.dog sitting, pet sitting

Your dog will have his, or her, own bed in a comfy place. He, or she, will experience familiar household noises, sights and smells. Your dog will not be left alone for extended periods, or left unattended at any time in the garden.

In addition, you will always get to meet your carer well before you drop your dog off for his, or her, holidays. Unlike other home boarding companies, we always arrange a meet and greet – and usually a cuppa! – at your chosen carers home (local to you).

This gives you the opportunity to provide your carer with comprehensive information about your dog. It also means your pet is already familiar with the holiday home, once a stay commences.

One-to-one attention and quick action if anything seems wrong.

It is very important to spot clues which may suggest the elderly dog is feeling unwell. For dogs in boarding kennels, for instance, problems may pass unnoticed. As a result, veterinary attention could be delayed. For the senior dog, the consequences of this could be more serious.

In a home boarding environment, your dog’s carer will be on hand to spot any potential issues and quickly spring into action. If your dog needs veterinary attention he, or she, will be taken promptly to your own vet, or one nearest to the carer.

When is best not to home board your dog?

If your dog is suffering from chronic illness, is incontinent, completely deaf, or blind, home boarding with a host family is probably not suitable.

Placing a very frail, or sick, older dog into a different environment wouldn’t be fair on the dog. Neither would it be very fair on our carers, since most would find this upsetting. Therefore, we would recommend you arrange for a sitter to take care of your dog at home – (this is not a service we offer).


We know every dog is different, so if you are at all concerned as to whether your dog is suitable for home boarding, do give us a call and we will be happy to chat. For general information on home boarding with Holidays4Dogs click here.