Low Energy Dog Breeds.


In this Holidays4Dogs article, we take a look at some dog breeds which are less energetic and, perhaps, a little less demanding in terms of exercise. However, it should be remembered – all dogs require some exercise and low energy breeds still require the same amount of care and attention as any breed of dog. Read on to find out more.


Despite their incredible turn of speed and eminence on the racetrack, these dogs are relative couch potatoes. Retired greyhounds, in particular, can be pretty laid dog sitting, pet sittingback and they are always in desperate need of homes.

Greyhounds are built for short bursts of speed. As such, they make very good pets for people who lead quieter lives.

A couple of twenty minute walks and a chance to have a good run around off-lead are all these dogs generally require to keep happy and healthy. The rest of the time they are happy to slob around the house sleeping. However, – be warned – they have a knack for stealing the best chair in the house!

Basset Hound.

Although a dog originally bred for hunting, modern day bassets are generally regarded as low energy dogs. Indeed, they require less exercise than many other dogs from the hound, or working group. However, these lumbering hounds still need outdoor exercise on a regular basis.

They also enjoy scent games and walks in the countryside, where they can really get their noses down and investigate. Basset hounds, however, are not noted for their willingness to follow instructions. They have a reputation for being independent, as well as chilled.


Despite their stature, these large and powerful dogs, have a low to moderate exercise needs. They are calm, low energy dogs and some would even describe them as lazy, as they love lounging on the sofa.

A bullmastiff will thrive well on leisurely walk and is not a dog that typically bounds around full of energy. They make lovely house companions and are very affectionate dogs. However, they do have a tendency to drool – so if you’re houseproud, this may not be the breed for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

If you like the look of the spaniels but don’t have the lifestyle for a high energy dogs like springers, the cavalier could very well be suitable. They are happy little dogs, with tails that never stop wagging.

Their energy levels are low, to medium, and they are usually happy with less strenuous exercise.

They are always keen to learn and will be happy playing ball in a reasonably sized garden but, like any dog, will enjoy strolls out in the countryside too. These sweet dogs thrive on human company and get on very well with other dogs, people and children.

Shih Tzu.

Although these dogs have a reputation for being rather yappy, they are very sweet sociable dogs. With low energy levels compared to other dogs, they will be happy enough with a  potter around the park.

However, like all breeds, they need socialisation to ensure they grow up to be friendly and happy to confident. Their coats do require a considerable amount of attention, otherwise it can develop into a tangled mess in no time.

Chow Chow.

Chows Chows are renowned to have much less energy than other breeds of their size. These dogs are happy enough with gentle strolls, rather than racing round at high speed. Some owners claim they would much rather be ‘slobbing’ on the sofa than running around and playing.  In fact, some would say they are rather more cat, than dog-like – although, this may not suit some dog lovers. If you have enough space for this very large fluff ball, the chow could fit the bill.

Every dog is different.

Of course, every dog is different; activity levels from dog to dog will always vary and there will always be the exception to the rule. Regardless of energy levels, all dogs need a daily walk and plenty of opportunity to socialise. Some breeds, such as the few Holiday4Dogs has outlined here, require less strenuous activity. Therefore we have classed them as low energy dog breeds. However, they all still need daily walks.

That said, if you’re choosing a family dog and you are looking for a more laid-back companion; one that will sit still for more than ten minutes – you may want to check out our suggestions and find out more.