Microchipping and Holidays4Dogs.


When you book at stay with Holidays4Dogs, you MUST provide your dog’s microchip number and details of the provider. The information must be up to date i.e. correct name of owner, correct address. This is imperative when you choose to home board your dog with a home-from-home dog carer.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has been a long time campaigner for compulsory microchipping. This is because of several benefits associated with animal welfare and responsible ownership. In their policy statement, the BVA point out that microchipping will assist local authorities in tracking lost dogs to their owners, tackle puppy farming, as well as reporting health problems in pedigree dogs.

The BVA is the founder member of the Alliance Trust which has worked closely with the Dogs Trust in uniting vets, welfare workers, the police, The Kennel Club and local authorities to campaign for compulsory microchipping throughout Britain.

Government consultation has shown vast support for compulsory and permanent identification of all dogs in the UK. DEFRA is working with microchip suppliers to make sure there is a minimum standard of service for databases, implantation of microchips and microchips themselves.

Microchipping provides peace of mind for dog owners should their dog ever become lost. Microchipping also helps to track down people who abandon their dogs. In addition, microchipping can trace owners who allow their dogs to attack others. Those not complying with compulsory chipping of their dog could face a fine of £500. In addition to a microchip, all dogs must wear some other form of identification attached to their collar.

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