Five Dog Breeds That are Always Ready for a Snuggle!

I’m sure many of our Holidays4Dogs followers would agree. In this heart-warming look at some endearing traits of man’s best friend, we have chosen five of the most affectionate dogs that we think are always ready for a snuggle!

As Josh Billings said – a dog;

“is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”.

1. Labrador sitting, pet sitting

As they are one of the most popular breeds in the world, it is no surprise that they are also one of the most affectionate. Labradors make exceptionally good family pets capable of building very strong bonds with their human family.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

These little cuties must surely be high on the list of canine cuddlers. Bred as lap dogs, they relish being in close contact with their owners. Happy and outgoing little dogs, they are usually friendly with everyone and their tails never seem to stop wagging!

3. Border collie. 

These fine dogs are definitely in the running when it comes to the affection factor. Border collies are incredibly loyal dogs and usually adore human companionship – especially if it involves chasing a ball for hours on end! Once tired out, they love nothing more than sofa surfing with their owners.

4. Greyhound.

Another firm, but perhaps surprising contender. Despite their reputation for speed, as well as aloofness, greyhounds are very docile and sweet dogs around the home. They love cuddling up on the sofa with their human pals – or, in the absence of their owner, chilling on the best chair in the house.

5. The British Bulldog.

Last, but not least on our list, the Bulldog is said to be one of the most affectionate breeds in the world.  Although he might look, for all the world, like a bit of a bully, these dogs are said to be soft and gentle in nature, always ready for a snooze with their owners – and while this isn’t really a laughing matter, you just might need earplugs to drown out the snoring!

Our list of most affectionate dogs is just a tiny selection. These are just five snuggly dog breeds that spring to mind on our list of canine cuddle buddies. There are loads of other pure breed and cross-breed dogs that are just as affectionate and cuddly.