The Chinese Year of the Dog.


The dog is an honest and trustworthy animal that makes a wonderfully loyal companion – a fact that every dog lover knows and appreciates. In the Chinese zodiac, the dog embodies the qualities of fairness and integrity amongst many others. Read our Holidays4Dogs article to find out more about the Chinese year of the dog.

The Chinese calendar turns in 12 year cycles and each year is represented by one of twelve animals. Each animal sign represents characteristics, fortunes and future prospects for people born in that year and the dog is the 11th animal in the cycle.  The animals are; – dog, dragon, horse, rat, oxen, tiger, monkey, rabbit, sheep, rooster, pig, snake.

People born in any of the following years – 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 – are born in the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac calendar.

The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar so the beginning of each year differs, but generally falls between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. According to the Chinese horoscope the luckiest animals in 2024 are rabbits, roosters, monkeys and …..dogs!

What do dogs represent in Chinese culture?

The dog is regarded as a providential animal in Chinese culture. If a dog happens to enter a house, it is said to herald the coming of good fortune. Chinese legend tells the story of the God, Erlang Shen, whose faithful dog helps him to rid the world of evil spirits.

Characteristics of people born in the year of the dog.

Loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness are all characteristics of people born in the year of the dog. However, they are also stubborn and sometimes selfish. In addition, people born under the this sign do not suffer fools gladly.

They have a tendency to push people away who they feel are weak. They can also be eccentric and say exactly what they think, but will also speak out against injustice.

People born in the year of the dog are generally not good at socialising.

However, they are always caring and faithful friends who can be counted upon not to gossip behind your back.

Year of the dog people usually make fantastic companions – but, make no mistake – if provoked they will become very defensive and snarly indeed. Dogs hate being betrayed and they hate cheaters.

Based on 5 elements, people born in certain years of the dog have diverse traits; –

1934, 1994 – Considerate and honest with a strong sense of justice.

1946, 2006 – Down to earth, cautious and kind-hearted.

1958, 2018 – Meticulous and highly attentive to detail. Has good fortune when it comes to wealth.

1910, 1970 – Accommodating, conservative with highly developed self respect.

1922, 1982 – Sometimes self absorbed, but responsible and thoughtful.

What other animals do dogs get on with?

The Chinese calendar not only tells us about individual personality traits, it can also predict compatibility with others. The best love match for dogs is, surprisingly rabbits!

Rabbits – are soft and gentle which are great attractions for dogs. People born in the year of the rabbit, are often more concerned about the details. The two animals complement each other nicely when it comes to relationships.


Bad matches – roosters.

Roosters – have similar characteristics of dogs and can be stubborn and opinionated. This can cause conflict from the very beginning with relationships between these two.


Worldwide celebrations.

The Chinese new year is celebrated worldwide. In London’s West End, there are annual gatherings and processions of spectacular proportions. Also known as the lunar new year, or spring festival, the message is one of solidarity, peace and prosperity.

Global celebrations are a spectacular sight of sound and colour with fireworks, bell ringing and dazzling processions. Chinese families gather together to eat on new years eve and on new years day.

It is customary to thoroughly clean the home, as a way of sweeping away bad fortune.


The Chinese calendar still plays an important role in Chinese culture and everyday life and is, therefore, very much an integral part of Chinese society. Were you born in the year of the dog? Let us know if these predictions are correct on our Facebook page.