Winter Dog Care – How to Keep Your Dog Clean This Winter.


We don’t know how other dog owners feel but, when we open the curtains and see another wet, dank day, our hearts sink a little. The prospect of yet another sopping wet dog walk doesn’t enthuse everyone. Worse still, the clean up job afterwards. Yuk. Read our Holidays4Dogs article for hints and tips on winter dog care.


It’s that time of year when muffled-up dog owners everywhere, can be seen striding through the rain, mud and wind with one, or two, bedraggled pets in tow. Winter dog care is perhaps the most challenging for many pet owners, especially those who own large breeds with fluffy coats.

Some off-lead dogs run around with glee on their faces, while their long-suffering owners offer up a withering look of despair. The delights yet to come, in the form of cleaning up the mud-splattered mutt once home.

On one such walk, I met a chap with a labradoodle puppy –  a big, gangling standard poodle sized dog. He had a humongous fluffy white coat – quite the whitest coat I have ever seen on a dog.

Later on we crossed paths again except, this time, the pristine poodle was only pure white from the middle up. His bottom half was, by now, a lovely shade of brown – dripping with droplets of muddy water.

As the pup came bounding along I said to the chap, “goodness me! He must take a lot of cleaning up”.  The poor chap nodded with a deflated expression and on we both trudged, no doubt both mulling over our winter dog care responsibilities.

Why do some dogs enjoy rolling in mud?

Some dogs relish the chance of a bracing mud bath at any time of the year – winter being no exception. Others, would rather stay by the fireside and may be reluctant to leave the comfort of a clean and dry home. Many breeds, like spaniels and collies don’t seem to mind inclement weather at all – some even enjoy winter swimming. Others, like toy dogs, may find a walk in the cold and wet quite a displeasing affair.

Dogs often roll and play in muddy puddles because it’s fun. Some experts suggest that rolling in mud helps dogs to mask their scent – useful for protecting them from potential danger. Dogs roll in mud, or other stinky stuff, to mask the smell of other scents. Sometimes, this might even be shampoo from their last bath. You could try a natural organic shampoo like the ‘Responsible Owner Only Natural Dog Shampoo’ – organic, vegan and sulphate-free, as part of your winter dog care.

What to do when your dog gets muddy.

In this weather, everyone has their way of dealing with wet dogs. A good supply of towels is essential for mopping up wet and muddy pooches. These super absorbent dog towels will make short work of drying your dog. They are also machine washable and quick drying.

Naturally, larger breeds or, dogs with long hair, are going to take a little more time to get clean in terms of winter dog care. Small dogs are easy as they can, if necessary, be showered in a bath, or rinsed in a bowl.

Dog hair dryers.

For large breeds, you can buy fast blow dryers/blasters. These products blow dry your dog quickly and also remove loose hair. They are not too loud, so are less likely to scare your dog, since they have built-in noise suppressors. The Blanlody dog hair dryer/blaster is a useful piece of kit if you have medium, to large breeds, who need cleaning daily.

Dog coats.

In very poor weather conditions, especially walking in the countryside, it can be a good idea to put a coat on your dog.

This will help prevent your dog from getting quite so dirty in the first place. Some designs can protect the underside of your dog and some even have leg sections. However, this all depends on how keen your dog is to wear one. This one from Amazon is waterproof and reflective, so it protects your dog’s coat from rain and mud.


Despite the fact that walking in torrential rain and mud can sometimes be tiresome. At other times, it can be delightfully bracing despite the winter dog care chores. All in all, there’s nothing nicer than seeing your dog have fun in the great outdoors and enjoying the sensory experiences it has to offer – whatever the weather.

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