How to Throw a Birthday Puppy Party For Your Dog.


Throwing a Birthday puppy party for the family dog has become popular in recent years. While the idea may seem a bit eccentric, we think there is definitely a good reason to celebrate man’s best friend! Read our Holidays4Dogs article for hints and tips on planning the perfect party for your pooch.

For many of us, pets are just as important as people when it comes to close relationships. Dogs, in particular, are increasingly thought of as family members and why shouldn’t they? They provide us with so much companionship, love and loyalty. They are capable of working with us in so many ways, from simply being our walking buddies, to guiding the blind.

If you’re thinking of throwing a birthday bash for your pooch, Holidays4Dogs offers some hints and tips for celebrating with a puppy party for your dog.

Who to invite?

You may want friends to bring along their dogs to the pooch party. However, it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone gets along beforehand. Make sure your dog knows his guests well and is happy sharing his space with them. Nobody wants a fight at a Birthday party!

It’s also better if the owners of guest dogs stay with their pets during the celebrations, just in case things get too chaotic.

Your dog may not be a fan of mingling with other dogs and might prefer the company of humans. In this case, there is nothing wrong with throwing a party with human family and friends.  This way, your dog can be the centre of attention and lavished with love and gifts.

Where shall I host my pup party?

While you may want to host your party at home, space is likely to be a consideration, especially with multiple dogs involved.  As an alternative, you could hold the party at a park, beauty spot, or beach.

There is even a pub in Birmingham where you can hold your dog’s birthday celebration. The BrewDog pub in the West Midlands offers bespoke ‘paw-party’ experiences for your four-legged friend. They will even provide dog-friendly birthday cake and doggy ice cream.  Plus, human guests can partake of a beer, or two!

Dog decorations

If you like decorating your house for parties, then go for it with your dog’s party too.  You could make banners and bunting with canine themes, or buy dog-themed paper plates and napkins. You could even buy ‘Happy Birthday’ Bandanas for the birthday boy, or girl, to wear. Do make sure every dog is happy with this though. You may even want to opt for a themed puppy party and invite your guests to dress up.

Games dogs play!

Organised party games and activities will be really fun for canine and human guests alike. You could build a mini agility course, or play musical ‘sits’, or ‘downs’, (the last one to sit, lie down, is out). Perhaps a fastest retrieve game, against the clock, might be fun too. A ball pool, or paddling pool, may also go down very well with guests, especially in good weather. Some dogs even like playing on trampolines!

For more ideas on fun and games for dogs, (and people!) – have a look at one of our other articles on the subject here.  You could get everyone to learn some new tricks. Perhaps the first to complete a brand new trick, (or even an old one), could win a pawsome prize!

Make sure you have plenty of quiet time too. Provide lots of water bowls around the house or garden. If you are hosting at home, it would be well worth providing a quiet area in a kitchen, or utility room. This way, dogs can have time out if they need it, or if things become too hectic.  Make sure there is something comfy for them to rest on and water to drink.

Pooch party food

Dog-friendly treats are a must for throwing the best pooch party in town. There are loads of dog-friendly snacks you could supply, or make yourself at home.  If the weather is warm, you could make frozen popsicles.

You can also buy dog-friendly ice cream, as well as lots of other dog-safe foods, including birthday cake, from high street pet stores.  You may even want to supply dog party bags for guest dogs to take home.  This could include doggy treats and toys.

Final thoughts

We hope this Holidays4Dogs article has given you some inspiration for hosting your dog’s next birthday party. What’s not to like about celebrating life with man’s best friend?

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