Caring for Dogs in Retirement.


As an area coordinator for Holidays4Dogs, I interview many prospective new carers keen to join our team. A lot of applicants are seeking to look after dogs in retirement – many have owned dogs all their lives. In fact, Holidays4Dogs favours retired, or semi-retired people, to join us caring for client’s dogs in our own homes. Read on to find out more about caring for dogs in retirement.

Dog owning brings immense pleasure to many people. Dogs are constant and non-judgemental. They absolve loneliness, protect and comfort. Indeed, it is well documented, that the close presence of a dog reduces stress.

These qualities in pets are recognised perhaps more profoundly by senior members of society where the ownership of a pet provides invaluable companionship.

Becoming a carer for Holidays4Dogs.

Becoming a Holidays4Dogs carer works very well for retired people. This way, it is possible to welcome guest dogs at times to suit. Carers still gain the pleasure of having dogs around and enjoying all the benefits this brings – including companionship.

For carers, looking after other people’s dogs brings immense pleasure to those who miss having a dog around the house. Clients can also have every confidence their dog will be loved, just as much as he, or she is, is at home. Many Holidays4Dogs carers regard their guest dogs, especially those on regular repeat stays, as surrogate pets. Our clients see their carers as stand-in doggy aunts and uncles.

The joy of dogs without the full time commitment.

Many of our retired Holidays4Dogs carers, no longer own dogs of their own because they no longer want the long term commitment.

However, the reason some of our retirees apply to become carers, is because they miss having a dog around. Many have lost dearly loved pets and feel they cannot come to terms with getting another dog of their own.

This might be because of concerns about what might happen to the dog should they become ill, for example. Others want more time to spend with family. Being a home boarder for Holidays4Dogs works really well for people in all if these situations.

Our clients and their dogs really benefit from the wealth of experience that retired people have gathered with their own dogs over the years.

Holidays4Dogs carers are likewise appreciative of having lovely dogs around the home again, but without the long-term commitment. Their canine guests are lavished with love and attention for the duration of their stay – rather like furry grandchildren!

Having a dog around, brings companionship and perhaps, even a sense of purpose, after retirement. At the same time, working with Holidays4Dogs can be very flexible – allowing time for other pursuits.

If you are a retired person who no longer has a dog of your own, but miss the company of dogs, becoming a home boarder might just be the solution. We are also more than happy for carers to have a dog of their own, so if you do have a resident pooch – do still apply.

Get paid to welcome lovely, family pooches into your home.

Having lots of different dogs to come and stay is interesting and very rewarding. Plus, you get paid for it!  There is absolutely no outlay and no food, or vets bills, to pay for. We cover the cost of  your insurance and our booking system is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is welcome lovely dogs into your home.

You always meet your canine guests before a dog stay is booked – no strange dogs, with strange habits arriving!

All our carers get to meet clients and their dogs well before a stay is booked. We always carefully match dogs and carers, so you will always have the perfect dog to suit your circumstances. It is very likely you will make new friends along the way – human, as well as canine.

Holidays4Dogs regularly encounter both carers, and clients, who feel uncomfortable about leaving their beloved companions in conventional boarding kennels. More and more people prefer to leave their pet with a devoted dog lover in a family home, with all the associated home comforts.

Many of our carers have a solid stream of repeat bookings; lovely to be able to know that your favourite dogs will come back again and again. Its nice to know as well, perhaps, that – rather like grandchildren – you can give them back again! If you would like further information about our current carers, please click here.

One owner recently left this lovely comment which we feel sums up a lot;

”I feel we left our dog with the most perfect ‘Carers’ and collected him from friends….”

To find out more about becoming a carer for Holidays4Dogs follow the paw! dog sitting, pet sitting

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